Who We Are

The Bakweri language and cultural center (BLACC) is an organization created to teach the Bakweri language and culture. As it is now, the Bakweri culture and language is almost going extinct amongst its people. BLACC will serve as a means to bring the spark that will revive the dying culture.


BLACC is an organization that is classified under the arts and culture sector, most organizations in this sector not for profit making as their main aim is to “preserve and showcase culture”. However, it will need minimal profits to sustain it (pay bills and teachers). Overall, the main and primary aim of BLACC is to bring culture revival amongst the Bakweri people, profit is secondary.


BLACC Founder


BLACC’s founder is Mr Samuel Kinge, he will be running this organization alongside a team of about 10. We wish to raise about 5,000,000 FCFA startup funds to launch this project. We hope to raise this through donations as the main aim of this organization is not for profit making but for cultural revival and awareness.

Bakweri Believers Anthem

The Bakweri Believers Anthem, Was writen and sung by Apostle Samuel Kinge, Dedicating this great piece to the Fako Man.

The Mokpe Dictionary, Is a free online dictionary which contain words translated from English to the Mokpe Language.

At the Mokpe online course Center, You will Have the opportunity to Enroll in the Mokpe Language Course and learn Mokpe

The Bakweri Cultural Forum is a section on this platform where people can raise topics and discus on them

Our Vission. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

Our vision is to have a generation of Bakweri indigenes who are literates in the bakweri language, culture and to see an era where the Bakweri language and culture is well known across international borders.

Our mission is to bring language and cultural revival and revolution of the Bakweri language and culture through teaching and training

meet our amazing Team

Meet Our Team

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Apostle Samuel Kinge

Ap. Samuel Kinge


Apostle Samuel Kinge is  Trained in Literacy/ Translation. Graduate in Human resource Management, Business Management and a Theologian.


Bethuel Kinge

Web Developer

Bethuel Kinge Is a Web Developer with Huge I.T experience. He is Dedicating His to For The Bakweri culture and Language 

Enyowe Martha

Enyowe Martha

Project Manager

Enyowe Matha is an award winning Project writer, Dedicating this great Knowledge for my people is a pleasure and asurance that mokpe will Grow  .

Rosemary Monjowa Ngomba

Rosemary Monjowa

Financial Secretary

Rosemary Monjowa Ngomba is the financial / Minute secretary for the Bakweri Language and Cultural center, She is a holder of Bachelors Degree in Banking and Finance.

Efuffa Esongami Lydia

Esongami Lydia


Efuffa Esongami Lydia Is Our Reliable Marketer For the Bakweri language and Cultural center. She is a holder of Bachelors Degree

Esie Lucy

Public Relations Officer

Esie Lucy Liengu Is the Pubblic Relations officer of BLACC. She is holder of bachelor of science in Journalism and Mass Communication UB

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How to Purchase Mokpe Book

This Video will walk you through The process involved when Purchasing the Mokpe Language Book

Bakweri Believers Anthem

The Bakweri Believers Anthem, Was writen and sung by Apostle Samuel Kinge, Dedicating this great piece to the Fako Man.

How To Study Mokpe Language

This Video tutorial will teach you how to Study the Mokpe Language Course after you purchasing Mokpe Language course.

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